Solar Water Heaters

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Solar Flat Plate Collectors (FPC)

Solar Flat Plate Collectors (FPC) is the earlier technology used in Solar Water Heating Systems, however they are still today the most efficient and reliable for Solar Water Heating.

Solar Water Heaters based on FPC

Solar Water Heaters based on FPC are available from the smallest size of 125 Liters per day (LPD), which is good for a family of 4 persons to large systems of lacs of litres.

Pressurised Systems

These are systems where the inlet to the Solar Tank is through a Pressure Pump (or a very high tank) such that these systems do not have an air-vent (as in normal atmospheric vented systems), but have a safety valve instead to release the pressure build-up inside the tank

Solar Evacuated Tube Collector ( ETC ) Systems

Evacuated Tube Collectors are the latest technology in Solar Water Heating. They are economical, easy to install & good for hard water conditions, as the tubes can be easily removed & cleaned.