Specifications – Solar Flat Plate Collector System






ISI Marked Solar Collectors CM/L – 7257375
Overall Dimensions 2030 x 1030 x 100 mm
Weight 40 kgs
Collector Box 16 swg, 2127 Aluminium extrusion with attractive ribbing design for frame and 26swg aluminium sheet for backing, totally riveted and sealed with GE/Wacker Silicon Sealant.
Absorber Material Fin : 40 swg (0.12mm) x 115mm x 1900mm Copper Sheet 99.9%  pure.
  Tube:26 swg (0.56mm) x 12.7mm O.D  x 1922mm copper 99.9% pure.
Absorber Coating Black Chrome Selective Coating as per the NALSUN process.
Absorber Area 2 m2

Absorptivity of Coating

Above 0.95
Emmissivity of Coating


below  0.20


Headers 2 Nos. Copper tubes, 26 swg (0.45mm) x 25mm O.D. X 1120mm.


Rock wool slab of 50mm thickness and 48kg/m3  density for bottom and Glass wool of 25mm thickness and 24 kg/m3 density for sides Covered with 36 swg
  Aluminium Sheet for protection and support.
Reflective foil Aluminium foil of 50 microns
Glazing 4mm Solar Toughened Glass having transitivity of 89% and above.
Rubbers EPDM Grommets and Glass bidding to withstand temperature and outdoor conditions.
Sealing Completely sealed with silicon sealant for waterproof performance as per BIS specs.
Pressure Testing Tested hydraulically up to 5 kg/sq.cm. for 4 hrs for no leakages.
Warranty 5 years trouble  free performance (for soft water  conditions only)